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M-TEC Battery storage

Use energy from your own power plant around the clock

When the photovoltaic system produces electricity, it cannot always be consumed. But if you want to use the self-produced energy at a later point in time, you can store it in large batteries. This means that it can be made available at any time and less electricity has to be drawn from the public grid.

With the two battery storage systems Energy-Butler® and Energy-Block, M-TEC International offers expandable solutions for single-family homes and commercial use.

Efficient use of the electricity produced

Anyone who owns a photovoltaic system wants to draw as little electricity as possible from the grid. This means that, ideally, 100% of the self-produced energy is used by your own consumers. This increases the s.g. degree of self-sufficiency. If the system is properly designed for the needs in the house, a degree of self-sufficiency of 70% and more can be achieved economically.

Blackout: What if the lights go out

A complete failure of the power grid is one of the greatest horror scenarios of our time. If you want to draw energy from the storage system even in the event of a complete failure, the system must be island-compatible and supplemented with a backup power solution. In order to be able to produce electricity, the inverter of the photovoltaic system must be supplied with energy itself. This usually comes from the public power grid.

A modern backup power solution enables the inverter to automatically restart with power from its own storage in the event of a blackout. The M-TEC International storage solutions are prepared for the integration of backup power solutions.


What to look out for in a storage solution

In addition to the right size, you should also pay attention to the expandability of the memory. Modern battery storage systems such as the Energy Butler® can also be supplemented later in a modular way. But the guaranteed charging cycles, black start capability for a start in the event of a blackout or intelligent networking with all components in the house should also be taken into account.