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Vernetzte Energie für die Architektur.

Basic models compact 2-31 kW and split 4-17 kW with the highest levels of efficiency

M-TEC air heat pumps are perfectly adjusted to the climatic conditions of our regions. The design and technology make M-TEC heat pumps a perfect source of heat even at low temperatures

All heat pumps can be combined with E-Smart. This energy management system ensures the best possible working networking of photovoltaic, battery storage, e-mobility, and much more.

How to use modern energy management and technology in architecture

Building blocks for modern buildings

Photovoltaics, battery storage, charging infrastructure / e-mobility, heat pumps, heating and cooling elements - they create added value and save costs in living and working spaces.

Support in planning and dimensioning

Experience in the design of comprehensive energy solutions and the networking of electricity, heat and e-mobility.

Making modern sector coupling usable

We support the development of holistic energy management systems for single-family houses, trade, industry, services and large systems.

Training and know-how transfer

for products and software via webinar or in our training center.

You are interested in a cooperation and want to use the advantages of innovative energy concepts in architecture. We are by your side with: