Linked up solutions for your Smarthome

M-TEC heat pumps prove their ability to work in a team when it comes to integrating them into other house and energy management solutions.

In addition to the in-house E-Smart system, all M-TEC heat pump models can also be fully integrated with other providers. The EnergyLink function is constantly being expanded and currently includes the following systems


The Salzburg company networks all essential elements to maximize self-consumption. This makes it possible to use devices such as heat pumps for hot water preparation, electric vehicles and storage systems. More on

eevon Smart Home offers customers a smart home system with patented functions that enable programming-free configuration and ensure maximum security for every home.
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Since 2010, a team of architects, software and hardware developers and building services experts has been developing an integral energy management system for heat and electricity with a focus on retrofitting existing buildings.

The Solar Manager, developed in 2018, makes self-consumption visible and enables ongoing optimization. It shows, for example, whether there is enough solar power to connect another large consumer (e.g. heat pump). More on

The complete solution for modern energy and load management has been perfected over the years. The technology enables the analysis and optimization of energy consumption in real time and paves the way for a sustainable future. More on

ASKOMA offers solutions for the sensible production, storage and use of alternative energies. The in-house production of products in the field of renewable energies makes a valuable contribution to a clean future. More on


The market leader in the field of intelligent automation solutions from Austria takes away tens of thousands of manipulations and thought processes annually in homes, hotels, offices or commercial properties, thus making life and work easier. More on

The Lynus team has set itself the goal of raising overall systems to the next energy saving level by networking systems and components. The Lynus platform connects components and uses them to create individual energy schedules for the building. More on


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