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All-in-one solutions for integrated energy management

Easy solutions from Energy hero for a happy family
Direct meter with integrated energy management by M-TEC

Direct meter with integrated energy management.

The 2-in-1 solution

Combines the functions of an energy meter and an energy management system (EMS) in a single device. This saves costs and space.

Self-powered function

Energy-Hero can be operated without an external power supply, which increases the reliability and independence of the system.

Fully compatible

Can be networked with all M-TEC products and a selection of devices available on the market.

Device that maximise the energy self consumption rate and help on energy management


The Energy Hero represents the new generation of holistic energy management. The innovative system makes it possible to maximise the energy self-consumption rate.

Already “ready for the future” without additional software licences for M-TEC products. Simple and user-friendly to operate via the E-SMART APP, the Energy Hero sets new standards in energy management.

Technical data of the connections