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Booster heat pump

Generation of heat for space heating and hot water

Apartments with PV, eco friendly

The heat pump with 5 kW for hot water

So that it gets hot

The booster heat pump works in combination with every M-TEC heating heat pump and ensures hygienic domestic hot water preparation by heating the buffer cylinder with fresh water module or individual cylinders to 65 °C.

The M-TEC Booster heat pump ensures that the statutory domestic hot water temperatures are reached without a conventional heat generator or electric immersion heater.

A flow temperature of 75 °C prevents the spread of legionella.

Clear water running from a metalic tap

Technical data

WPS - W 4 - 12 with propane technology



Dimensions (H x L x W) mm

710 x 600 x 580


5,1 kW

Fast power level

56 dB (A)

SCOP according to EN 14511

6,7 (W20 / W45)