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M-TEC energy balance 2021

Facts and figures of a production company that relies on its own production of renewable energies.

Around 257,000 kWh of energy was produced at the Pinsdorf site in 2021. The sources for this production are our own hydroelectric power station and the newly installed photovoltaic system. With these two energy sources and 4 heat pumps, M-TEC can not only supply the office building and production with energy, but also operate its electric fleet of 12 cars.

This results in a financial relief of €25,000 from the electricity saved and a saving of around €8,000 from switching from gas to a heat pump.

And best of all: Around a third of the energy produced is also marketed by feeding it into local energy networks.

All data and facts from 2021
at a glance

257.060 kWh

150.068 kWh

Grid feed
127.824 kWh