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This system partnership gives enerix customers immediate access to the entire M-TEC product range for sustainable and intelligently networked energy concepts from a single source.

To increase the efficiency of the heat pumps while minimising the environmental impact, M-TEC relies on propane.

The three new air source heat pump models each achieve an efficiency of over 5.1, with the AHPA413 model even achieving an impressive 5.5.

This means that M-TEC is once again one of the best air source heat pump manufacturers in the world and demonstrates a high level of innovation and development. The new models will be available as standard from 01.07.2024. Individual pumps can already be ordered online.

Propane, a natural refrigerant, is valued for its excellent thermodynamic properties and its environmental friendliness (GWP = 3, ODP = 0). It is known in refrigeration technology under the designation R290 and is used in particular in systems with small filling quantities.

The advantages of the future partnership

With the new air source heat pumps, M-TEC has once again become a world leader. We are proud of our performance data.

The advantages of propane as a refrigerant

The changed requirements for refrigerants based on the F-Gas Regulation have made R290 (propane) a very favourable refrigerant. This is because heat pumps that use propane as a refrigerant are not affected by the F-Gas Regulation. Thanks to its GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3, it is significantly less harmful to the environment and the climate. In terms of thermodynamic properties, high efficiency and cost, it is in no way inferior to earlier refrigerants. What’s more, it is available cheaply all over the world.

Funding for propane heat pumps

Increased state subsidies are available in Austria and Germany for the purchase of a heat pump using propane as a refrigerant. We fulfil these requirements with our new AHPA and AHPC models. Our existing WPLK models also fulfil this requirement in Austria, where a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of less than 1500 is required.

As a manufacturer, developer and service partner, M-TEC offers a comprehensive modular system for renewable energy. Combined with the in-house energy management system including an app, specialist partners can access an intelligently networked product package including software solutions.

Solutions that incorporate the experience and expertise of around 50 years of development work.