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With full power into new galaxies

A journey to new galaxies for more innovation and a clean future!

At the beginning of the month we traveled through the galaxies together with the Vöcklabruck gymnastics club. 250 members of the association showed their skills and power on February 4th, 2023! We need exactly this power and the courage to explore new galaxies in order to be able to advance the energy transition.

It takes innovation, creativity and courage to generate clean energy and protect our planet. You could also say that you have to be open to new things and travel to other galaxies to find solutions to the current challenges.

An evening full of inspiration!

We are very happy that we were able to accompany the Vöcklabruck gymnastics club on their journey through the galaxies and congratulate you again on this successful and inspiring evening!

You can find more information about the gymnastics club at: