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The M-TEC Power Roadshow, which has already attracted more than 700 experts from various sectors such as electrical companies, solar installers and heating engineers, is continuing its successful tour.

The roadshow offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits of electricity storage systems and networked energy management systems. The roadshow will continue in Germany and Austria in 2024 with exciting topics and products.

Highlights of Roadshow 2024

The Energy Butler energy storage system: an innovative all-in-one storage solution with hybrid inverter, integrated emergency power function, stackable and flexibly expandable.

  • The Energy BLOCK energy storage system: a powerful multifunctional storage system up to 400 kWh, ideal for peak shaving.
  • PV inverter Energy Wizard: Presentation of a new product range of PV inverters with an output of 3.6 to 25 KW.
  • E-Smart energy management: A combination of hardware and software for intelligent networking and future-proof solutions.
  • M-TEC heat pumps: Utilisation of natural resources such as earth, air or groundwater for efficient and sustainable energy generation.


Other Highlights

E-mobility solutions and heating elements: For intelligent total energy solutions.
Installation & commissioning: Practical tips and tricks including a live demonstration of the Energy Butler.

The M-TEC Power Roadshow 2024 promises to be an insightful event for energy industry professionals, with a wealth of information and practical demonstrations on the latest developments in renewable energy and energy management.