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The introduction of total energy solutions is coming into focus and attracting a lot of interest

The POLLACK EXPO is the meeting point for universities, industry and engineers.​

More information about the Pollack Expo in Hungary can be found at

Tradition, innovation, cooperation – that was the Pollack Expo 2023 in Hungary

The fair has been taking place since 2007 and had its first starting points as early as 1975. The POLLACK EXPO is considered a meeting place for industrial companies, universities and engineers. As a GreenTech company, it enables us to network and position our brand internationally.

Our presentation at the Pollack Expo in Hungary on “Energy Change Now and the introduction of total energy solutions” was a complete success.

We are very happy about the many questions we were asked, because that reflects the great interest in our products and the energy transition.

The positive feedback strengthens and motivates us to continue to work on our mission with top performance – the independence of people in the energy supply of their own homes through heat pumps, photovoltaics, storage and e-mobility, controlled by our new energy management system E-Smart.