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The M-TEC energy balance 2022

M-TEC covers around 90% of its energy requirements from its own sustainable production

energy for future

Whether heat and electricity for the production hall or the office building or our own vehicle fleet – around 161,000 kWh of the 177,000 kWh were produced directly at the Pinsdorf site. Only around 16,000 kWh had to be drawn from the grid to cover peaks. This is a top value of over 90% self-sufficiency.

Overall, however, much more energy was produced in Pinsdorf. Around 305,000 kWh could be produced cleanly and sustainably via the existing PV system and hydroelectric power station. That was around 15% more than the year before and resulted in a surplus of around 130,000 kWh. Green electricity that could be fed into the grid. The growing e-car fleet could also be supplied with around 60,000 kWh.

As a producer of products and solutions for the production and management of energy, M-TEC shows at its own location how the energy transition can succeed.

All data and facts from 2022
at a glance

305.700 kWh

177.530 kWh

Grid feed
131.800 kWh