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zwei Vertreter aus der Familie der M-TEC Wärmepumpen in verschiedenen Größen.

Ground water - heat pump

Basic model 2-6,5 kW and 3-52 kW with best efficiency

The groundwater heat pump impresses with its very good efficiency and low operating costs. Their small footprint also makes them particularly suitable for small plots or renovations.

All heat pumps can be used with E-Smart. This included energy management system takes care on the best communication of photovoltaic, battery storage, e-mobility, and much more.

Energy source - GROUND WATER

If groundwater is available at a suitable depth and in sufficient quantity, you have an excellent source of heat. The temperature is constantly between 7 and 12 ° C.
Thanks to the constant temperature of the groundwater, you can achieve the highest levels of efficiency even at the lowest outside temperatures. Especially suitable for small properties: the two fountains require little space.

Our ground water - heat pump models

The best heat pump ist just as good as the system concept. With this development, M-TEC always orientates itself towards the optimum! The results are heating systems with highest efficiencies, which are permanently confirmed by independed institutes.

Eine weiß-graue Wärmepumpe. An der Seite befindet sich ein kleiner Bildschirm.

Heat pump 3-70 kW

The heat pump guarantees highest efficiencies, developed by the heat pump-pioneer M-TEC with around 4 decades of experience. Up to 20% higher efficiency due to intelligent power control.

Das kleine Modul aus der Familie der M-TEC-Wärmepumpen mit hellen Farben und dem Logo an der Spitze

Heat pump 2-6 kW

The model is cheaper to purchase, but offers all M-TEC product benefits. With the dimensions of 700 x 600 x 565 mm, the unit is using also the smallest room efficiently.

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More Information

The linked up heat pump

Use with E-Smart an efficient and forward-looking control technology. 

Compared to conventional heating system, this results in extremely
low operating costs and the possibility of using this system for heating
and cooling as well as the preperation of domestic hot water. 

Even systems such as solar thermal, photovoltaic and smart home systems work hand in hand with our heat pump control. This results in a maximum of self-consumption of the free photovoltaic power.